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Agung is erupting - Now what?

- Dr. Janine Krippner I am NOT giving my own interpretations of the data and what the data means. I am NOT, and CANNOT tell people what this volcano might or might not do. Please always refer to all official source links below. The utmost respect must be given to the local authorities monitoring Agung, they have a large amount of data from different sensors to monitor Agung. I am not in Bali, nor am I an authority on Agung Volcano. I have not worked on Agung volcano, or any Indonesian volcano for that matter. Always look to the official sources for information, or to verify any information . I am writing this for those of you in Bali, and those of you helping to spread the right information. This is meant to act as a guide and it does not include everything, but it is a place for you to start. Sitting here as I write this, I still have no idea what this volcano will do. No one can tell what it will do in the future, only those who are monitoring the situation can give